Wayne State

Wayne_state_university_sealBoard Members
President: Lora Gjonaj
Vice President: Michael Dedvukaj
Secretary: Luc Ivezaj

Treasurer: Juxhin Alushi
Public Relations: Eugersa Agolli

As for the history, the AASO at Wayne State began in November of 1998. The manner in which it began was a humble one. It was simply a desire to bring Albanians together on a campus where I knew several existed. Our first meeting had six individuals I believe. Prior to the meeting I registered the organization with the school, and completed our “constitution” which was required for registration. I then used my crude art skills and painted an Albanian Eagle on a banner with a date and time for a future meeting of the “Albanian American Student Organization.” The 6 people referenced above showed up. Soon after, the Kosova Crisis began. Our numbers grew quickly. The rest is history.

-Gjon Juncaj, WSU AASO Founder

U of M Dearborn

logo_um_dearbornBoard Members
President: Kevin Hoxha
Vice President: Jorida Dedelli
Secretary: Klea Myftari

Treasurer: Kristian Shameti
Public Relations: Elio Shahinllari



OU_logoBoard Members
President: Monika Koleci
Vice President: Beti Shahollari
Secretary: Mario Bicja

Treasurer: Rovena Ivezaj
Event Coordinator: Orjona Nikolli

Michigan State

droppedImageBoard Members
President: Anarida Delaj
Vice President: Klejda Nikolli
Secretary: Tefta Metaj

Treasurer: Mariola Leka
Public Relations: Jenna Culliton

U of M Ann Arbor

uofmBoard Members

President: Iliria Camaj
Vice President: Kristina Ljucovic
Secretary: Ergest Isak

Treasurer: Mario Koje
External Affairs: Ejona Korcari
Social Chair: Amanda Ujkashi
Fundraising Chair: Antonela Sallaku